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13 Main Services of Sarathi Parivahan Near Miss

Welcome to Sarathi Parivahan Website Give Information Related Learner's License, Driving License, Parivahan Tax, Permit Fees, Renewal Of RC, Duplicate RC, Check Driving Licence Number Details, Know Your Vehicle Details, license renewal, driving licence check, check driving licence number, online road tax payment,parivahan tax online. Sarathi Parivahan Website Provided a lot of Knowledge Regarding All Below Topic.

By the way, you would know that now India is moving towards the digitalization and almost all the work is now done and done online services.

When the government is engaged in doing all government services online, the Transport Department has also done its work online with the help of the Sarathi Parivahan Website. An online application is being taken by the Transport Department, through which driving license, renewal of driver's license, transport tax, toll tax, etc. can be done online. It will be easy to create a driving license and people will like it very much. This new initiative of the Transport Department will make the work of people quite easy and you too can take advantage of it without any problem.
sarathi parivahan gov in
sarathi parivahan gov in

This application will make all the features easy and transparent, along with reducing corruption in the transport department. With this, the government will monitor and eliminate the loot of the transport department. Even after Digital India, the speed of the transport department was slow but after this Sarthi Parivahan, it will increase significantly.

The biggest advantage of the Sarthi Parivahan is that now everyone who uses a smartphone or computer can easily use this application and at the same time, they will neither need to be in line nor to get in touch with an RTO 's officer. News is coming every day that people have to enter in the name of driving license and another transport service. The Sarathi Parivahan has been created to provide a better service to the people. Because of this, corrupt officials will have problems, but ordinary people will get a lot of facilities.
vahan tax
vahan tax

What is Parivahan?

Parivahan We Say That Pari+Vahan, Vahan(Parivahan) implies that something is moving merchandise(Goods Products) or People or Animals, Etc... starting with one place then onto the next Place by Road. Parivahan can be separated into numerous classes, for example, vehicles, streets, Vahan, framework, and tasks, however here we are discussing vehicles, for example, Two-wheelers Scotty, Four-wheeled vehicles, trucks, Private transport, etc Vehicles.

What is Parivahan Sewa?

"Parivahan Seva" is a type of registration certificate and Learner's License, Driving License, Parivahan Tax, Permit Fees, Renewal Of RC, Duplicate RC, Check Driving Licence Number Details, Know Your Vehicle Details  And Permit Period is issued by RTOs that are valid throughout India. Parivahan Sewa we can say to Sarathi Parivahan

13 Main Services of Sarathi Parivahan Near Miss

Sarathi Parivahan Give a lot of Main Services, Such As

  1. Vehicle Registration Related Services
  2.  Driving License Related Services
  3. Check Post Tax 
  4. Fancy Number Booking 
  5. e-Authorisation Card 
  6. Know your License Details And Know your Vehicle Details 
  7. NR(National Register) Services 
  8. National Permit 
  9. CNG Maker
  10. SLD Maker
  11. VLTD Maker 
  12. Trade Certificate
  13. PUCC

So, the Main online services of Sarathi Parivahan. But here we will discuss all Service in Sarathi Parivahan Website.

1.Vehicle Registration Related Services

Vehicle Registration Services provided All Details About Vehicle it's Called Vahan Services. Vahan Services includes different Parivahan Tax, Permit, Tax Receipts and So on Services Details Such as 
  • Vahan Status Services Like Reprint Receipt/Form, Check Pending Transaction, Check Trade Certificate Pending Transaction, Know Your Application Status, Know Your Pending eChallan/Blacklist Details, Know Your Payment Transaction Status, Verify Receipt, My Vehicle Details, Withdraw your application, Services on Offer
  • Other Online Services Provided by  Sarathi Parivahan such as Trade Certificate, LOI, Online Permit
  • Download form for Print No Objection Certificate(NOC) and Print Temporary Registration

2. Driving License Related Services

The portal of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways provides the facility to Apply online for Sarathi LL, DL. Both the Learner and Permanent DL can be applied on this portal. If you want to get a driving license, then this work of yours can be done sitting at home. Sarathi Parivahan, a portal of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, allows you to apply for a driving license, Learning License online Process Available on Sarathi Parivahan. Both the Learner and Permanent Driving License can be applied on this portal. Also, you can work from uploading documents to paying fees through this portal. Sarathi Parivahan Website Another service like Driving License Related Services Such as
  • New learners license
  • New driving license
  • The issue of learners license for the expired class of vehicles.
  • Services of learners license.
  • Services on the driving license(renewal, duplicate, others).
  • New conductor license
  • Services on conductor license
  • Temporary conductor license
  • Regularize provisional conductor license
  • Check application status
  • Related applications.
  • Find the application number.
  • Cancel application.
  • Camp registration.
  • Appointment Slot Booking
  • Fees / Payment
  • Modify Application
  • Inquiry for Slot Booking Appointment
  • Cancel Appointment
  • Print Licence Details Form

3. Check Post Tax 

Check post Tax Pay is importance every Vahan. Generally, All Driver has confusion about tax pay online "Sarathi Parivahan " Website is given facility to pay Parivahan Tax Online.there are the following a list of Check post to pay online Parivahan Tax.
  • UP Checkpost
  • Rajasthan Checkpost
  • Punjab Checkpost
  • Jharkhand Checkpost
  • Jammu & Kashmir
  • Himachal Checkpost
  • Haryana Checkpost
  • Daman And Diu
  • Bihar Checkpost  
  • Chhattisgarh Checkpost 
  • Uttarakhand Checkpost

4. Fancy Number Booking

Sarathi Parivhan Fancy Number Plat Booking Facility also available, Customer Can easily to Choice Number selected via the sarathi parivahan website. Today there is a number of people who are interested to get Fancy Number Plat on her Vahan. Using This facility customer can be selected online Number and Payment for Online easily.

5. e-Authorisation Card 

Sarathi Parivahan also including the e-Authorisation Card facility via the online Sarthi parivahan website, Who's a customer can requirement for e-Authorisation Card for Vahan Essay to get Sarthi Parivahan Website.

6. Know your License Details 

if any customer finds License Details can be easy to find using This option. if any customer Knows your License Details then the Sarthi Parivahan website provided All Details  Entering License Number.

Know your Vehicle Details

if any customer gets her Vahan details vai online then Sarathi Parivahan Website is Best Option to Know your Vehicle Details. but the customer enters all Details Related to Vehicle.

7. NR(National Register) Services 

Sarthi Parivahan can Provide information Related to NR Series, NR That's Means National Register Services.NR Services is one of the best options for the official website Sarathi Parivahan.

8. National Permit 

if any customer or vehicle driver can appointment to National Permit via Parivahan Website provided information related to the Nation Permit Facility, the Customer can essy to get National Permit online.

9. CNG Maker

CNG Making Facility lives on Sarathi Parivahan Website, Today their number of a vehicle is CNG Kits, So Using Sarthi Parivahn. Customer visited this CNG Maker Option and then Apply Sarthi Privahan facility.

10. SLD Maker

SLD Maker Services available on Sarathi Vahan website, user can use this facility.

11. VLTD Maker 

VLTD Maker Services available on Sarathi Parivahan website this is use number of facility are live today.

12.Trade Certificate

if any get a Trade certificate then essy way to get Trade Certificate, So essy to get Trade Certificate in sarathi parivahan website.

13. PUCC

Sarathi Parivahan issue Pollution Under Control Certificates (PUC) if the vehicle is found meeting prescribed emission norms. In case the Vahan is found polluting beyond prescribed norms, necessary repairs/ tuning in the Vahan would be required.

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