Monday 2 September 2019

How To Change Vehicle Ownership Online ~ RC Transfer

Change Vehicle Ownership Online: Hello friends, in this post of today, we will know  How We Can Change Vehicle Ownership Online Like Bike, Car And Other Vehicle. There is a Lot Of Comment's "How To Transfer Vehicle Ownership Online". What is the process of online vehicle ownership transfer? How much is the fee /cost for vehicle ownership transfer? How to do RC Transfer? Today we will give you the answers to all these questions very easily in this post.

How to do RC Transfer of Transfer Vehicle Ownership Online l Bike and Car?

There process for Change Vehicle Ownership Online is So Easy to Step, We Can Explain All Step By Step to Step Understanding Vehicle Ownership Transfer Online.

Step 1:  For this, first, you have to go to the official website of the Government of India As soon as you go to this website, you will see this kind of page.

vehicle ownership transfer online
Click Vehicle Registration Relected Services

Step 2: In Step 1 above, now you have to click on Vehicle Registration Related Services below. After clicking on it, a screen like this will appear in front of you You Can Select Your State Like Delhi / Sikkim Or Other State Like Gujarat, Pune, Bangalore.

change vehicle ownership online
Change Vehicle Ownership Online For Delhi, Sikkim and Other State Selected

Step 3: Now you have to enter your transfer registration number in the screen below. Whether you have a bike or a car, you have to enter its vahan number here and then click below. Enter Your Ten Digit Vehicle Number For Example GJ00KK0000

change vehicle ownership online
Process Change Vehicle Ownership online Enter Your Vehicle Number

Step 4.: After Entering the Transfer Registration Number(Ten Digit Vehicle Registration Number), a page like this will appear in front of you.

vehicle owner information
Pay Your Tax First Click

In this, you have to click on option number Two below the online service, in which you will get to see facilities like Duplicate RC, Vehicle Transfer, Address Change,.

change vehicle ownership online
Enter Valid OTP

Here, OTP will be generated and sent to the mobile number provided by the applicant, also pop up message will be shown. 

Now you have to put the last 5 digits of your vehicle's chassis number here and you have to put your mobile number here which is connected with your RC. After entering the chassis number and mobile number, you will have a code. You have to enter that code here and click on Show Detail.

Step 5: Now you will get the complete details of your vehicle. Here you can see the complete information of your vehicle. Whose name is your vehicle, when was the vehicle registered and when is the insurance for your vehicle going to end? You can see all such information here.

change vehicle ownership online
Fill All Details
change vehicle ownership online
EnterNew Owner Details

Now you have to give here the complete information of the new owner's details i.e. the vehicle you are selling or whose name you are doing.

Step 6: Now you have to come a little further down on the screen, where in the last you will see the fees of the car or bike transfer here.

change vehicle ownership online
Enter Payment Option To Pay Fee

You should once again check your complete information thoroughly and check the name and address of the person in whose name you want to do your car. After all, details are confirmed, click on the payment option below.

Step 7: Finally, This Stage Confirmation box will be shown to the applicant Screen. after Confirm the details and proceed further.

change vehicle ownership online
Confirm Details

There was a time when we had to wander from rate to place to do any government work and had to put the documents of the country with them. Despite getting all the troubles, there was no guarantee that our work could be made. But in today's time, almost all the work has been done online. If you have to transfer any of your vehicle/car or bike, then you can do this work in just 5 minutes from home. For this, you do not need any kind of documents nor any officer needs to be signed.

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