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[Pass RTO Exam Marathi] ~ Online Learning Licence Test in Marathi

In today's post, I want to show you a trick from which you can take rto learning licence test in marathi online while sitting at home. The mock test can be given only from the official website of Sarathi Parivahan gov in. It is very important to get a learning license Maharashtra State before getting a driving license. And to get a learning license, it is mandatory to give an rto online exam in marathi. I have made a post about how to take a learning licence test online in Marathi Languege. 

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Online test questions can be given in the Marathi language. You can read the learning license test questions in Marathi pdf by going to the Sarathi Parivahan Gov in website and the learning license test can be given online. RTO Learning License Questions can be given online in the Marathi language. From the above, you will realize that the complete information of what type of questions are asked within the RTO is asked in the Online Learning Licence mock test in marathi.

What questions are asked in the RTO exam in Marathi?

The RTO exam asks questions determined by good transportation such as traffic simbolo traffic policy rules to remember while driving on the road and rules to be kept by the driver during an accidental period and you are asked in the RTO exam what happened.

Even after getting the driving license, the driver is required to strictly follow the policy rules laid down by the RTO. The RTO has also provided penalties for the driver not following the policy rules of the RTO.

How To Pass Online Learning Licence Test in Marathi?

You can take the RTO mock test exam for free just like the RTO computer exam taken by Sarathi Parivahan Gov in. The same questions that are asked in RTO mock exam are also asked in RTO learner license serial exam. Here are the questions that will come up in the test exam of the license. You can give a mock test online of the RTO exam online using your computer or mobile as given below.

  • Go to First Sarathi Parivahan Offical Website:
  • Then after Select Your State Like 
      • Arunachal Pradesh
      • Assam
      • Bihar
      • Chhattisgarh
      • Chandigarh
      • UT of DNH and DD
      • Delhi
      • Goa
      • Gujarat
      • Himachal Pradesh
      • Haryana
      • Jharkhand
      • Jammu and Kashmir
      • Karnataka
      • Kerala
      • Ladakh
      • Lakshadweep
      • Maharashtra
      • Meghalaya
      • Manipur
      • Madhya Pradesh
      • Mizoram
      • Nagaland
      • Odisha
      • Punjab
      • Pondicherry
      • Rajasthan
      • Sikkim
      • Tamil Nadu
      • Tripura
      • Telangana
      • Uttarakhand
      • Uttar Pradesh
      • West Bengal
  • In the Learner Licence Menu >> Select Mock Test For LL
  • Enter Your Your Personal Details Like Applicant Name, Dob and Select Your Langues for Preference your computer mock test exam like Marathi,Hindi and Any Other Languege 
  • Now Starting Your Exam
  • Best of Luck

RTO Online Learning Licence Test in Marathi

learning license test marathi
Select Your State 
online rto exam in marathi
Mock Test For LL

rto exam online test marathi
Fill Your Details And Select Language Marathi

rto mock test in marathi
rto mock test in Marathi starting Online

What documents need to be kept before going for the online exam RTO test?

When you go for the RTO exam, you need to have your identity card like an election card, Aadhar card, PAN card, etc. You can also keep a Ration card, light bill, Pathan card, Aadhar card as proof of residence.

In addition, you need to have an appointment letter with the date and time fixed by Form 1 Sarthi Parivahan.

How many marks are required to pass the RTO exam?

The RTO exam is taken online by the computer by the family from Sarathi. In this exam, a total of 15 questions are asked to the candidate. In order to pass out of them, you need to be correct 13 Answers for getting Learning Licence.

What to do after failing Learning Lecence Test Exam?

If you have failed the learning license then you need not panic as you can pay the fee of Rs. 50 by transport and re-take the exam of running license test. Along with this, it is also necessary to take the apartment of learning license.

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In today's post we have understood step by step how to give rto learning license test in marathi. If anyone has any confusion about this, you can write your problem in the comment box given below.

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