Thursday 29 October 2020

How to Booking Test Appointment For Learning Licence

Appointment For Learning Licence : Do you know that first you have to apply LL(Learner License). Many people do not know who is called LL. It means to get a driving license to learn.Before this, anyone who has never applied before, first learns to apply Learner Online License. Yes, you read perfectly right, all the drivers applying for the first time are first L.L. (Learning License), which is the Provisional License.

If you do not do this, then the Road Transport Corporation can impose a fine under RTO Penalty and there is also a provision for punishment if caught without driving license more than 3 times.Once you are successful in Learning License test, you are given a Learning License which is considered valid for 6 months. after getting Learning License after one Month You have to apply Permanent Driving License 


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What is the duration of Learner License?

As mentioned above, for the first time every applicant has to apply for a new license. Have to apply for Its validity is 6 months.

It is mandatory to apply Full Drivers License after 6 months from here. If you did not give a test of driving license in Six Month then your Learner License Expired.After the learner's license is Expired, you will have to get the learner's license renewed.

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 There are Following Steps for Test Book Appointment For Learner's Licence 

  • First,Go to
  • Select Your State Like  
    1. Arunachal Pradesh
    2. Assam
    3. Bihar
    4. Chhattisgarh
    5. Chandigarh
    6. UT of DNH and DD
    7. Delhi
    8. Goa
    9. Gujarat
    10. Himachal Pradesh
    11. Haryana
    12. Jharkhand
    13. Jammu and Kashmir
    14. Karnataka
    15. Kerala
    16. Ladakh
    17. Lakshadweep
    18. Maharashtra
    19. Meghalaya
    20. Manipur
    21. Madhya Pradesh
    22. Mizoram
    23. Nagaland
    24. Odisha
    25. Punjab
    26. Pondicherry
    27. Rajasthan
    28. Sikkim
    29. Tamil Nadu
    30. Tripura
    31. Telangana
    32. Uttarakhand
    33. Uttar Pradesh
    34. West Bengal
  • In The Appointments Menu >> Slot Book LL Test 
  • After Click Slot Book LL Test New Windows Appear ( Open ) 
  • LL Test Appointment Windows Enter Your Application Number And Date of Birth Then Verification Code
  • After Entering Correct LL Application Number And Date of Birth Then You Can Select Your Test Appointment Date and Time
  • After Select Your LL Test Date and Time Sarathi Parivahan Sent OTP To Your Register Mobile Number.
  • Print Out LL Test Appointment Letter.



Following Screenshot to Explain  LL Test Appointment Step By Step

Sarathi Parivahan LL Test Apppointment

Booking Test Appointment For Learning Licence

Appointment For Learning Licence

Which of Required Documents For learning licence test Appointment .

Submit all the documents given below with the Online Driving License Application Form: -

  • Physical Fitness Declaration (form 1).
  • Passport-sized photographs.
  • Medical certificate (form 1-A).

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Proof Of Address For Driving License.

Driving license is very important, that is why the Government of India collects and maintains your information by the Road Transport Organization Department. Due to which, at the time of any undue problem or the vehicle owner's driving license information is kept for verification. Submit any of the proof given below for Driving License Address Proof Documents with an Online License Application.

  • Passport.
  • Ration card.
  • Life Insurance policy.
  • Voterid used identity card.
  • Affidavit sworn before a Public Notary or a Judicial Magistrate.

In this way, after submitting the above Driving License Documents and succeeding the first exam on RTO, you will be issued a Learning License. After one month, when you apply for another exam and also pass it, only then you can get your driving license.