Sunday 27 October 2019

How to Cancel Driving Licence Test Appointment

Cancel / Change Driving License Test Appointment: Important news for people making a driving license. Now it is necessary to go from learning license and driving license to online appointment only. After the success of the online appointment process in the learning license, the online appointment has also been implemented for Permanent License, Driving License and International DL (Driving License).
Cancel Driving Licence Test Appointment

But in the circumstances of change or cancellation many times after booking an appointment, many people do not know how to change or cancel the appointment. So in today's post, I will teach you the Change Driving License Test Appointment. Change Driving License Test Appointment process can be very well done with the help of the Sarathi Parivahan web site. Online Driving Test Appointment Cancellation will be available at

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How to Cancel Driving Licence Test Appointment
How to Cancel Driving Licence Test Appointment

Following Steps To Change or Cancel Driving License Appointment

  • To cancel any type of driving license appointment, first, the website has to be opened.
  • After clicking, you have to select your state
  • Then, on the right side of the website, among the many service options related to driving license, you have to click the "Cancel Appointments" option.
  • On clicking Cancel appointments option, you have to select one option from (1) Learner's License Test (2) Driving Skills Test (3) Services On Licence(DL / LL)
  • After selecting one of these options, you will Be Entering your Application Number and DOB
  • After that, your appointment will be canceled after you have placed  Valid an OTP on your mobile.