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How to fill Driving Licence Form 1 Self Declaration

Driving licence Form 1: Form 1 Self Declaration is a very important document as it is Required to upload Form 1 Self Declaration when applying for a Driving licence. In your Mind Question for How to fill Driving Licence Form 1 Self Declaration? You Can Easy download or Fill online Form 1 Self Declaration.

How to fill Driving Licence Form 1 Self Declaration
How to fill Driving Licence Form 1 Self Declaration

Driving licence form 1 is a self-declaration form so that the applicant must fill in all information she or himself With the signature of the application that means all information is correct so we can mention above information is right or correct before applying for a learning license. So in today's post, I will teach you how to download form 1a Medical Certificate for Sarathi Parivahan.

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Do you know what age Form 1 Self Declaration?

Any Non-transport vehicle / non-commercial vehicle license is required to be declared by the applicant under 40 years of age Must be Uploaded from Form 1 Self Declaration on parivahan.

What is a form 1 Driving licence?

Form 1 Self Declaration is Very Importance Document Before You applying to learn licence. form 1 self-declaration form can be given permission with Signature all information we are declared is correct.

Is it necessary to upload Form 1 and bring it with you to the RTO office?

Yes, those applying for Applicant learning licence or driving licence must take along Form 1 self-declaration and Form 1 upload it sarathi Parivahan.

What is the Difference Between Form 1 and Form 1a?

Whenever You Can Apply for LL for Age Between 17 To 40 Year Then You Must Upload Form 1 Self Declaration Application –cum-declaration as to the physical fitness and Form 1a Must be Upload Whenever your Age More than 40 Year Then Form 1a Medical Certificate Upload

Is Form 1-A mandatory for an applied driving license?

Yes, Form 1-A Mandatory When Applicant Age More than 40 Years. This type of Condition Form 1 -A  Medical Certificate Upload Mandatory for upload sarathi parivahan gov in. 

What is form 1 self-declaration for learning licence?

The self-declaration form is an important document to fill in to get a learning License. Different questions are asked in Self Form 1 Form whether you or you are eligible to get a learner's lesson or not.

How to fill form 1 self-declaration for learning licence online?

If you do not know how to fill the form 1 self-declaration form, I will fill the same form. By looking at the sample, you can get information on how to fill form 1.

There are the following Points for form 1 self Declaration

(a) Do you suffer from epilepsy or sudden attacks of loss of consciousness or giddiness from any cause?  ANS: No

(b) Are you able to distinguish with each eye ( or if you have held a driving licence to drive a motor vehicle for a period of not less than five years and if you have lost, the sight of one eye after the said period of five years and if the application is for driving a light motor vehicle other than a transport vehicle fitted with an outside mirror on the steering wheel side) or with one eye, at a distance of 25 meters in good daylight (with glasses, if worn) a motor car number plate? ANS: YES

(c) Have you lost either hand or foot or are you suffering from any defect in movement, control, or muscular power of either arm or leg? ANS: No

(d) Can you readily distinguish the pigmentary colors, red and green? ANS: No 

(e) Do you suffer from night blindness? ANS: No

(f) Are you so deaf as to be unable to hear ( and if the application is for driving a light motor vehicle, with or without a hearing aid) the ordinary sound signal? ANS: No

(g) Do you suffer from any other disease or disability likely to cause your driving of a motor vehicle to be a source of danger to the public, if so, give details?  ANS: No

How to fill Driving Licence Form 1 Self Declaration
How to fill Driving Licence Form 1 Self Declaration

Sarathi Parivahan Self Declaration Form 1 How to Download Step By Step?

self-declaration form 1 essay to Download in Sarthi Parivahan.Friends today we saw that Step by Step How to fill dl self-declaration form 1. driving licence form 1 self-declaration for llr is also important for every applicant.

  • Goto
  • First Select Your State Then After Opening New Driving Licence Page
  • In the Driving Licence menu on the Left Side, the Download Form option will appear
  • Clicking on the Download Forms menu will show different options. Click on the Print Application Form from the option
  • Then Enter the Application Number and Date of Birth of the applicant
  • Finally Your Form 1 Download on the Download Option.

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