Friday 15 November 2019

[Download] - Form 1-A Medical Certificate

rto medical certificate form 1a: Form 1 is a medical certificate. It can also be called a fitness
certificate form 1 a. Every applicant has many questions in mind that what is the use of Form 1-A, why is Form 1-A required, Is Form 1-A compulsory for the learner's licence? So in today's post, I will answer every question and also show you how to download Form 1-A Medical Fitness Certificate.

Friends, you will be able to know that Form 1-A is not mandatory for everyone but Form 1-A is Mandatory for persons who are over 50 years old or who want to get Transport Class vehicle License.

How can I Download a Medical Certificate Form 1-A?

you can download Form 1-A in the Sarathi Parivahan site. All you have to do is to seal and sign the nearest government hospital to download Medical Certificate, then you can download Form 1-A according to the following steps.

  1. Goto
  2. First Select Your State Then After Opening New Driving Licence Page
  3. In the Driving Licence menu on the Left Side, the Download Form option will appear
  4. Clicking on the Download Forms menu will show different options. Click on the Print Application Form from the option
  5. Then Enter the Application Number and Date of Birth of the applicant
  6. Finally Your Form 1-A Download on the Download Option.
Form 1-A Medical Certificate
Form 1-A Medical Certificate for Download Forms Option

Form 1-A Medical Certificate
Entering Application Number And Date of Birth Download Form1-A

How to Download Form 1 A Medical Certificate?

Form 1-A Medical Certificate Download
Form 1-A Medical Certificate Download

Is it compulsory to have a medical certificate form 1a for obtaining a learner's licence?

An applicant Apply for Driving Licence Transport or non-transport vehicle driving licence under the age of 40 years do not require a medical certificate form 1a. However, those applicants who are above 40 years. of age must produce a medical certificate in Form - 1A for Apply Driving Licence.

who can issue medical certificate form 1a for driving license?

There is Two way for issue medical certificate first, You obtain a form  1a from the vendor sitting outside RTO or Nearby RTO Office. Go to the office of the CMO(Chief Medical Officer), the chief medical officer by govt. Doctor. 

Second, Go to the enquiry counter of any Govt Hospital. You pay small fees at counters and Doctor can check your vision, the other asks a few simple questions, birthmarks and signs the certificate. then after issue Medical Certificate.

Note: To be filled in by a registered medical practitioner appointed for the purpose by the State Government or person authorised in this behalf by the State Government referred to under sub-section (3) of Section 8.

Is giving a medical certificate necessary (form 1A) for Driving licence renewal?

Yes, A medical Certificate Form 1A is necessary when Applicant Age More than 50 Year for the non-transport vehicle.He/she Must Upload Medical Form 1A.

Is giving a medical certificate Compulsory (form 1A) for a new learning licence?

When Any Applicant Apply for Driving Licence in Transport Category Class Then Form 1A Medical Certificate Upload or Carried Compulsory.

Is form 1 or medical certificate form 1a required for learners licence too?

Yes, Both Form Requirement when you can Apply for Learner Licence.

Can I get a medical certificate (Form 1-A) from any doctor have an MBBS degree while applying for a learner's license?

Yes, any MBBS doctor can sign on the Form 1-A after checking for the fitness test.

In Which of Condition require for Medical Fitness Certificate for Driving License?

When Any Applicant Apply for renewal of driving licence or Transport Class Category Condition generally Require Form 1-A