Thursday 24 October 2019

How to Download Learner Licence Online ~ e learning licence

Prior to obtaining a driving license, the learner is license is the main Documents. The validity of the downloaded when learner license. So friends today this post is intended to be made if you have a learner license download. In this post, I will explain the process to How to Download learning driving licence Online?
How to Download Learner Licence Online
learner's license is 180 days only. Learner license is required to be

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A learner license is a valid document until a driver's license can be validated by driving the learner's license copy. In those cases the application will have to be re-processed for learner license expired,The learner license is valid for 30 to 180 days when the applicant does not give the driving test 180 days before the application will be processed for learner licence again in the circumstances where the learner license is expired and process to follow new learner licence.

When you go to the RTO office for a driving license test, a Lerner license print is seen but for some reason, the learning license print is lost, in case the print license is lost, forgot learner license, the download process for learning online is easy.

With the following steps, I will teach you How to download a Learner License?

  • Go right
  • Then select the Print License Details option from the summary to show the different options on the right side of the sarthi parivahan website. 
  • Clicking on the Print License Details option will display three options like Print Learner Licence, DL Extract Reprint, Print Driving Licence. From that option, click on the Learner Licence option.
  • Then the Print Learner's License will open a new window in which the application number and dob enter and click on the submit button will remove the Learner's License Print.

How to Download Learner Licence Online
In this Window Click Print Learners Licence