Thursday 15 October 2020

How to Apply for Permanent Licence of Two Wheelers Gearless Vehicles?

Permanent Licence: If you are going to complete the two-wheeler learning license, then don't delay now. Apply for a permanent license immediately. The process of applying for a Driving License is very simple. The process you followed for the learning license will have to take almost the same steps this time as well. We will explain in detail "How to apply for a permanent licence of two-wheelers gearless vehicles"

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The process of getting a permanent license has become much simpler than before. Just like learning, you can apply for a permanent license from home. For this you have to go to website of the Ministry of Road Transport, Government of India. You have to fill the application following the given instructions. After the driving test, the permanent license will be sent to your home address.

Some Importance Point of Views  Before Apply Permanent Driving License

  • If it has been more than five months since you got the two-wheeler learning license, apply for a permanent license.
  • After six months your learning license will expire and the whole process will have to be repeated again.
  • In the meantime, if you are caught driving without a license, you will have to pay such a fine that the nanny will be missed.
  • If you want to avoid the hassle of renewing your learning license, don't delay. Apply for permanent before the validity of the learning license expires.
  • The validity of the learning license is for six months.
  • You no longer need to go to the RTO office, again and again, to warm the pockets of brokers to get a permanent license.
  • All your work will be done online from home. You just have to go to the RTO office on time and prove that you have learned to drive.

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Now you also know how to apply online for a permanent license.

There Are Following Steps to apply for a permanent licence for two-wheelers gearless vehicles?

  • You must first open the 'Sarathi' website of the Ministry of Road Transport, Government of India. The link of the website will be given to you in this article.
          1. Arunachal Pradesh
          2. Assam
          3. Bihar
          4. Chhattisgarh
          5. Chandigarh
          6. UT of DNH and DD
          7. Delhi
          8. Goa
          9. Gujarat
          10. Himachal Pradesh
          11. Haryana
          12. Jharkhand
          13. Jammu and Kashmir
          14. Karnataka
          15. Kerala
          16. Ladakh
          17. Lakshadweep
          18. Maharashtra
          19. Meghalaya
          20. Manipur
          21. Madhya Pradesh
          22. Mizoram
          23. Nagaland
          24. Odisha
          25. Punjab
          26. Pondicherry
          27. Rajasthan
          28. Sikkim
          29. Tamil Nadu
          30. Tripura
          31. Telangana
          32. Uttarakhand
          33. Uttar Pradesh
          34. West Bengal
  • You will see the option to Appointment ( Slot Book at the left of the page. Click it.
  • On The Click Appointment(Slot Booking) >> Driving Skill Test
  • After Click Driving Skill Test  New Windows Appearing
  • In New Windows Click On Slot Booking Menu  >> DL Test Slot Booking
  • Two Option Visible One is Application Number or Learning Licence Number
  • Then after Entering Your Application Number or Learning License Number With Date of Birth and Verification Code.
  • After Verification, You Can Select Class of Vehicle  and Go to Process to Book Button 
  • You can Select Particular Date and Time
  • One time Password Sent to Your Register Mobile Number
  • After, Verify Your One Time Password Finally you Can Process for Apply Permanent Driving License 

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Select Your State

Sarathi Parivan Appointment Book For DL

Enter Your Application Number or LL Number

You Can Views Your Details And Select Vehicle Class Type

Select Your Date and Time When you can Test for Permeant DL

After One Time Password Sarathi Parivahan Book Your DL Test

Apply for Permanent Licence of Two Wheelers Gearless Vehicles