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How To Check Driving Licence Application Status ~ Sarthi Parivahan

How To Check Driving Licence Application Status
You can check Status of your Driving Licence Application Status Online from Home. You do not need an agent for this nor do you have to go round the RTO Department. The entire history of the license will be in front of you on one click. So let us tell you how to check the driving licence application status of can be checked.

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In this "Driving Licence Application Status  Check Online" Post, we will Be Learning you to Check the Status of your Driving License online Application. So that you will be able to see whether your Driving License Application Status is Process or Not. Now if you want to learn this, then read our complete post till the end. As friends, you all know How Important a Driving License has become for those above 18 years. If someone does not have his own driving license, then he cannot legitimately drive on the road. Now friends in such a situation, if you have not yet applied for Driving License, then apply for Driving License as soon as possible. Because in the coming Time Driving License can also be mandatory.

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How To Check Driving License Application Status?

Steps to Check Driving licence Application Status/ DL Application Status

Step 1: Go To the official website of the Transport Service.
Direct Link:
Sarathi Parivahan
Sarathi Parivahan gov in
Application Status Driving Licence

Step 2: On the Sarathi Parivahan Main Page, you will be asked to select the Your Particular State you took the DL(Driving License) service from. Please choose the respective state and proceed Next Steps.

Step 3: On Sarthi Parivahan Website your Can See left-hand side, under "Driving Licence", Click To Expand the Options under the "Apply Online" Tab

Driving Licence Application Status  Check Online
Driving Licence Application Status  Check Online

Step 4: Options under the "Apply Online" Tab >> Select "Application Status" From the options.

Step 5: Once you can choose "Application Status", you will be asked to enter the Application Number and your date of birth(DD-MM-YYYY) formate, and click on "Submit" Button.

Driving Licence Application Status
Driving Licence Application Status

driving licence status
driving licence status

Once you submit the Licence information Details, you will see the status of your driving licence application Status on your Screen.

You Can Also Check Learning Licence Status with Mobile

You can check the status of your driving license right from home. It is possible that you do not have a laptop or computer. If you have a smartphone, then you will not need a laptop and a computer. You can visit the official website of the Department of Transport from Mobile. After visiting the website, you can check your status in the same way as given above.

Information to check Driving Status from Mobile mParivahan App

You can also check the driving license status in your Android mobile through the official application of the Transport Department. For this, you have to download an application named mParivahan. After that, just as you check online license details, you will get complete information in this application. You can download this mParivahan app from here.


After downloading the mParivahan app, open it. RC & DL options will be found here. Select DL to see driving license status. Then you can get complete information by entering your driving license number.

mParivahan app
mParivahan app

Which of State You can Check Driving Licence Application Status?

You can  Check Driving Licence Application Status following State.

  • Driving licence application status Maharashtra
  • Driving licence application status up
  • Driving licence application status Gujarat
  • Driving licence application status Haryana
  • Driving licence application status Bangalore
  • Driving licence application status Punjab
  • Driving licence application status west Bengal
  • Driving licence application status Jharkhand
  • Driving licence application status Tamilnadu
  • Driving licence application status Jammu Kashmir
  • Driving licence application status wb
  • Driving licence application status mp
  • Driving licence status Telangana
  • Driving licence application status Kolkata
  • Driving licence application status up
  • Driving licence application status Mumbai
  • Driving licence application status Delhi
  • Driving licence status Punjab
  • Driving licence application status Bihar
  • Driving licence application status Rajasthan
  • Driving licence application status Assam
  • Driving licence application status Pune
  • Driving licence application status Tamilnadu 
  • Driving licence application status Uttarakhand

In this way, we can check the Driving License Application Status through an online and mobile app sitting at home. In this post, we have tried to tell the complete information on how to check DL status. However, if you face any kind of problem in this or you have any question in your mind, then write in the "Comment Box" below.


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