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How To Get Vehicle Fitness Certificate

How To Get Vehicle Fitness Certificate

if you get Vehicle Fitness Certificate then Sarathi Parivahan Website is Process for easy to Solution for Getting Vehicle Fitness Certificate online Process. Apply for  Parivahan gov in vahan fitness certificate is now quickly easy to get on to sarathi parivahan. Vehicle Fitness Certificate Online Process for Following Steps by Steps.

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  1. For To Go to Above Link And Enter Your Vehicle Registration Number like for Example      GJ-02-KK-2222
  2. After Applicant Enter the "Vehicle Registration number" to avail “Application for fitness certificate” service. Applicant click on the Proceed Button and enter the next stage to display for process getting Vahan Fitness Certificate
  3. On Sarathi Parivahan Website Applicant Selects the “Fitness Certificate” service  Option from the drop-down “Online Services” menu.
  4. After selecting “Fitness Certificate”, the applicant has to enter Your Vehicle Chassis number and Applicant mobile number
  5. Click on the “Generate OTP”, button and you can proceed further When you can Entering Correct OTP on your Mobile.
  6. Opening New Windows Then After Fill the all required details and also provide the valid insurance detail as given below ScreenShot. The applicant can also see the fee details for the particular application. Now click on the payment button. Confirm to move the application to the next stage.
  7. After Confirm Button Click Next Process for Make a payment button that will allow you to select the payment gateway. Select the “SBIePAY” payment gateway for the e-payment.
  8. Accept Payment terms and conditions by selecting the checkbox and Click on button Payment. This will open a new page containing a list of banks associated with SBIePAY. Select your bank and then click on the “Proceed” button. Select your bank and then click on the “proceed” button
  9.  In this sample page, select the “Pay Now” option. After Then You Can See  “Successful” option

How To Get Fitness Certificate Check Online ~ View Following Screenshot

vehicle fitness certificate online check
Vehicle fitness certificate online check Using Sarathi Parivahan Website
vahan fitness certificate
Online Services Menu Click Application For Fitness Certificate
Enter Registration No, Chassis No Last Five Digit and Enter Mobile Number

vehicle fitness certificate
Fill All Details Carefully And Process Button
vahan fitness certificate download
The process to Payment Confirm
vahan fitness certificate download
vahan fitness certificate Payment Process

Fitness certificate I Need

The concerned motor vehicle has been fully compliant with the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and the rules made under it and it is desirable to get the motor vehicle on the road for transport. In this regard, it is mandatory for transport vehicles to get a fitness certificate.

Will easily renew the vehicle's fitness certificate

Now you will be able to renew your vehicle's fitness certificate not only at the place of registration of the vehicle but from anywhere in the country. This proposal of the Ministry of Road Transport will provide relief to heavy vehicle owners as well as all types of vehicle owners.

At present, the fitness certificate can only be renewed from the state in which the vehicle is registered. An official of the Ministry of Road Transport said, "We have been told by many truck and vehicle operators how many problems they face after getting their fitness certificate expired in another state. They can renew their fitness certificates only after reaching their home state.'

Now, the ministry has issued a draft notification stating that the test related to the renewal of the fitness certificate will be inspected by the officer and on the basis of his investigation, he will be empowered to renew the fitness certificate. According to a ministry official, the inspection officer will upload his report to the port and send the hard copy to the Registration Authority within 15 days. The driver will also get a copy of the report which he can use when needed.'

Process or Document Requirement

The application in format 4.6 and 4.8 in the concerned District Transport Officer, Deputy Transport Office, will be made by submitting the vehicle for inspection along with the following documents: -

Application for renewal of fitness of vehicles in the district in which the district has established private fitness check centers will be made in 4.7 + 4.8.

1. Pollution check certificate

2. Tax paid report

3. Reports on audit and invoice dues

4. Photocopy of valid insurance

5. Fees prescribed in accordance with Rule 81 of the Central Automotive Rules, 1989

After conducting the necessary verification of the application and the attached forms and inspection of the motor vehicle, the concerned authority will issue the appropriate certificate.

Regular inspection of 1.5-year-old vehicles is essential for pollution control and road safety

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has also justified regular inspections of vehicles over 15 years old.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has investigated the order of the National Green Tribunal to ban old vehicles and the ministry is of the opinion that the vehicle fitness certificate under section 56 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 should be implemented through regular scrutiny. This will not only reduce pollution but also improve the road safety scenario.

At present, the Ministry has no proposal to make a decision on the age limit of private vehicles as it will be a short-lived approach and the fitness test of the vehicles will prove whether the age of the vehicles has expired.

Although Minister of State in the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways P Radhakrishnan stated in a written reply in the Lok Sabha, Rule-88 of Rule-88 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, provides that no goods carriage except a multi-axle vehicle older than 12 years No national permit should be given. A similar provision is applicable for multi-axle goodies carriers older than 15 years and also for over 25 years old and multi-axle trailers for which more than 50 tonnes of weight is allowed. Rule-82 also provides that the tourist permit will be invalidated when the vehicle is a motor cab and will complete its permit for 9 years and will complete the motor cab for about 8 years and when the motor vehicle is not a motor cab. Will complete the year but this will not happen if you change your motor vehicle. Section 41 (7) of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 provides that the registration certificate of a motor vehicle which is not a transport vehicle shall be valid for a period of 15 years.

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