Sunday 12 April 2020

Up Traffic Police E Challan Online Payment ~ How to

Be careful, if you violate traffic rules while driving in the city then the Uttar Pradesh police can reach your house with an e-challan. You have to pay online it using official website. There is no need to create your challan on behalf of the UP traffic police. Police are now keeping an eye on the traffic system through CCTV cameras installed at the intersections of the city. Challans of those who violate traffic rules are being cut by watching footage of CCTV cameras in the Different Center operated in the UP Police Control room.

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These include not installing helmets and seat belts, and vehicles entering the entry. Photographs of the driver who broke the traffic rules are being shot by zooming the footage of the cameras from the police control room. After this, the police control room challans the name of the said vehicle owner and sends it to the traffic station. The UP traffic police send the challan to the police station concerned and collect the challan amount from the vehicle owner. In this, it is not necessary that the owner is driving the vehicle at that time. A challan will be sent by the police to the vehicle owner. online traffic challan payment essay using this URL. using Online payment for Up Traffic Police Challan you can save your time and round for different UP Police Station.

How to Pay online UP traffic Police fine?

Step 2: After Then Vehical Owner Enter Details Like Challan Number or RC Number or DL Number and Click on <Get Detail> button to search the challan Details and Vehical Owner checks its e challan status.
Step 3: Click on the tick box and then <Make Payment> button if balance is due. After you click on the <Make Payment> button. The following screen will be shown:
Step 5: Select the Bank and Click on <Pay> button
Step 6: It will redirect the page to your bank account login page
Step 7: Log in to your bank account and make payment.
Step 8: On successful payment, the following screen will be shown:

Up Traffic Police E Challan Online Payment
Up Traffic Police E Challan Online Payment Process