Wednesday 26 January 2022

2022 New Rules For Driving Licence Sarathi Parivahan

Driving License New Rules 2021: Now you don't have to go to RTO and take driving test to get a driving license. The Ministry of Roads and Transport has changed the rules for driving licenses. As a result, millions of people who are trying to get a driving license but the wait is taking a long time due to long wait, will not have to wait any longer and will not even have to go through the RTO.

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There is no need to go to RTO and give test

As per the rules issued by the Ministry of Roads and Transport, any person who has passed the test from any government accredited driving training center will be exempted from the driving test in RTO while applying for the license. That means he will not be required to take driving test in RTO. His driving license will be made on the certificate of private driving training center only.

Driving Licence Sarathi Parivahan

New driving license rules from 1 July

The new driving license rules will take effect on July 1. Which will only allow private driving centers to operate, either by the State Transport Authority or by the Central Government. The validity of these training centers will be for 5 years. He will then have to renew from the government. This move by the government could lead to a separate industry of private training schools.

What the rules say Sarathi Parivahan gov in

There are also some guidelines and conditions from the Ministry of Roads and Transport regarding training centers. This includes training of trainers from the area of training centers. Let's understand that ...

1. The authorized agency shall ensure that the training centers for two-wheelers, three-wheelers and light motor vehicles have at least one acre of land, while the centers will require two acres of land for medium and heavy passenger goods vehicles or trailers.

2 Trainers must have passed at least 12th standard and have at least five years of driving experience. He should be well versed in traffic rules.

3. The Ministry has also prescribed an education curriculum. For light motor driving, the course time limit will be a maximum of 4 weeks lasting 29 hours. The curriculum of these driving centers will be divided into 2 parts. Theory and Practical.

4. People have to spend 21 hours learning to drive on inland roads, rural roads, highways, city roads, reversing, and parking, climbing and downhill driving etc. Theory will consist of 8 hours of the entire course. These include understanding road etiquette, road rage, traffic education, understanding the causes of accidents, first aid and driving fuel efficiency.

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