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GJ35 RTO City Name - Address, Contact Number & E-mail

RTO Code GJ 35 City Name: Lunawada (Mahisagar) RTO ServicesState Transport Office (RTO) services run by the National Transport Department are of utmost importance to comply with Indian road transport and motor vehicle rules. The RTO services in the state of Gujarat are managed by Gujarat State Transport Department. In this article, we will give you information about RTO code GJ35 of Gujarat and Lunawada (Mahisagar) located under it.


GJ35 RTO Office Address:

5J85+RJM, Ranpur, Gujarat 389230

What is the RTO code GJ35?

The RTO code is a unique identifier that links vehicles to specified areas and cities. The RTO code GJ35 in the state of Gujarat designates a particular area namely Lunawada (Mahisagar). This RTO code establishes the provisions of the vehicle rules and vehicle status of the state of Gujarat.

Introduction of Lunawada (Mahisagar)

Lunawada (Mahisagar) is a major city in Gujarat state. It is situated in the Mahisagar district and is famous for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. It is also a major transport hub, due to the major infrastructure services and large public spaces nearby. The RTO services in Lunawada (Mahisagar) ensure important functions related to vehicular movement.

Gujarat's RTO Services

What is an RTO?

The RTO services run by the State Transport Department are responsible for making vehicle movement convenient and rule-compliant. These services provide vehicle registration, driving license, vehicle number plate, vehicle tax, vehicle certificate, and other public facilities for the drivers of the vehicles.

Importance of Gujarat's RTO

The RTO services of Gujarat state are very important as they ensure the important tasks related to vehicle operation for the drivers. These services not only help in registration and obtaining licenses for new vehicles but also support the vehicles in operation by providing useful information and features.

How do Gujarat's RTO services work?

The RTO services of Gujarat use various technological and administrative means to ensure consistency, efficiency, and ease of use for citizens. These services are provided through RTO offices and provide assistance to citizens for vehicle-related facilities submission, document verification, and renewal

RTO Services of Lunawada (Mahisagar)

The RTO services of Lunawada (Mahisagar) ensure various functions related to vehicular movement. Below mentioned are the services provided by the RTO of Lunawada (Mahisagar):

1. Vehicle Registration

RTO services of Lunawada (Mahisagar) facilitate the registration of new vehicles. Vehicle owners can get their new vehicle registered through this service and get their vehicle legally registered as per the latest rules and regulations.

2. Driving License

The RTO services of Lunawada (Mahisagar) helps drivers to get their driving license. This service provides guidance to new drivers in the application process to obtain a driving license.

3. Vehicle Number Plate

The RTO services of Lunawada (Mahisagar) make it easy to retrieve the vehicle number plate. Vehicle operators can get a new number plate for their vehicle or renew the number plate of their vehicle through this service.

4. Car Tax

The RTO services of Lunawada (Mahisagar) determine the vehicle tax for the vehicles. Vehicle owners can regularly pay their vehicle tax and keep their vehicles running legally.

5. Vehicle Certificate

The RTO services of Lunawada (Mahisagar) facilitate the obtaining of vehicle certificates. Vehicle operators can get their vehicle certificates renewed through this service and can get related vehicle documents.

6. Vehicle Changes and Mergers

The RTO services of Lunawada (Mahisagar) ensure vehicle change and merger. If a vehicle is sold or there is a dispute about the ownership of the vehicle, the vehicle operator can complete the vehicle change and merger through this service.

7. Transfer of Ownership

The RTO services of Lunawada (Mahisagar) assist in the transfer of ownership of a vehicle asset. If vehicle ownership changes, vehicle operators can manage the transfer of vehicle assets through this service.

8. Vehicle Copying and Enrollment

The RTO services of Lunawada (Mahisagar) ensure vehicle duplication and enrollment. Vehicle operators can complete vehicle copying or enrollment through this service when they have to change the vehicle or register it in the name of the new owner.

9. Vehicle Accident and Insurance

The RTO services of Lunawada (Mahisagar) provide assistance related to vehicle accidents and insurance. Through these services, vehicle operators can obtain vehicle insurance and can register an accident report if needed.

10. Vehicle Ownership Documents

The RTO services of Lunawada (Mahisagar) provide the vehicle ownership documents. Vehicle operators can access their vehicle ownership documents through this service, which includes vehicle identification, ownership certificate, insurance details, tax certificate, and other important documents.

11. Vehicle Property Tax (VAT)

The RTO services of Lunawada (Mahisagar) determine the Vehicle Property Tax (VAT). This service helps vehicle operators to deposit vehicle property tax and pay the prescribed amount.

12. Vehicle Transport Rules

The RTO services of Lunawada (Mahisagar) provide awareness about vehicular traffic rules. Through this, vehicle operators can get information about the rules of driving, road safety and can follow the relevant rules.

RTO Code GJ35: Important Information about Lunawada (Mahisagar)

RTO code GJ35 and the places under it Lunawada (Mahisagar) are important for vehicle operation. This code is used to identify vehicles in the state of Gujarat and provides vehicle-related facilities to vehicle operators. If you want to carry out any work related to the vehicular movement of Lunawada (Mahisagar) you have to use RTO code GJ35.


In this article, we have provided information about RTO Code GJ35 of Gujarat and Lunawada (Mahisagar) located under it. RTO services are important to make vehicle movement convenient and legal and by using these services vehicle operators can get their vehicles registered and get vehicle-related facilities. You are advised to contact your RTO office for any query related to your vehicle.