Sunday 2 July 2023

Left Turn Only Sign : An Important Symbol Of Road Safety


Road signs are very important in our day-to-day life. These signs help us stay safe on the roads and often save us from awkward situations. In this article, we will discuss one such sign which is called the “Left Turn Only Sign”. It is used as a signal for a given left turn on the roads.

What is a left turn-only sign?

The "Left Turn Only" sign is a type of road sign that allows left turns. It is an important tool for the safety of vehicles on the roads and ease of traffic. This sign is used to reduce the need for spoken communication on the roads and helps vehicles to proceed in the same direction.

Left Turn Only Sign

Significance of left turn only signal

The left turn-only signal plays a vital role in road safety. It is used around the world to ensure safe and restrained traffic on roads. This signal allows for a left turn to ensure orderly traffic between vehicles and helps avoid unnecessary accidents.

Recognition of left turn only signal

A circular sign is used in an area to identify a left turn-only signal. This sign is green in color and is installed in the form of a road signboard. This sign is usually placed at the corner of the roads so that vehicles can get the signal on time.

Use only the left turn signal

Left turn only signal is used to keep the vehicles moving together and to ease the traffic on the roads. This signal allows vehicles to proceed in a safe manner for turning left. Drivers do not need to actually communicate with other vehicles on the road, as the sign guides them in the right direction. This allows passengers to follow a regular itinerary and doesn't need to think much about their route.

Left turn signal rules only

There are certain rules that need to be followed in order to use only the left turn signal. This is to ensure that the signal is used correctly and that the traffic on the road can move with certainty. These rules may be:

  1. Keep the sign clear and visible.
  2. Use hints at the right places.
  3. Regularly check the board of the sign and keep it in readiness.
  4. Use allusions only in the proper way and avoid changing them unnecessarily.

Benefits of left turn only signal

Using only the left turn signal has many benefits in saving vehicles from difficulties and facilitating traffic on the roads. Some of the main benefits are as follows:

  • Safety: Left turn-only signal enhances road safety and prevents accidents. Drivers are assured of being on the right track, which reduces the number of conflicts.
  • Traffic Facilitation: By using this sign vehicles are given the traffic facility. Through the signal, drivers can quickly and easily choose their route and reduce the problem of unorganized traffic on roads without left turn signals.
  • Communication between vehicles: There is little communication between vehicles by only signaling a left turn. The traveler just has to follow its directions and the sign points them in the right direction. This reduces conflicts between organized traffic and passengers.

Significance of left turn only signal

Left turn only signal plays a vital role in road safety and traffic management. Through this, vehicles can be operated regularly and accidents occurring without signals can be reduced. This ensures mutual communication and restrained traffic on the roads. Therefore, every motorist should respect this sign and contribute towards road safety.


Left turn only signal plays an important role in ensuring safe and restrained traffic on the roads. This signal provides the right message to the vehicles to turn left and helps in avoiding accidents. Motorists must respect this sign and drive responsibly from the point of view of road safety. It is necessary to maintain a smooth flow of traffic on the roads by obeying only the left turn signal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the only signal to turn left?

The only indication for a left turn is a road sign which allows vehicles to proceed in the right direction.

Is it mandatory for me to use only the turn signal for the left turn?

Yes, using a left turn signal only is mandatory for your safety and that of other passengers.

What are the benefits of a left-turn-only signal?

Left turn signals only ensure organized traffic and reduce the number of accidents. At the same time, commuters get the convenience of traffic and there is less need for communication on the roads.

How to identify the signal?

The left turn only sign is Byron in color and has a triangular shape indicating the direction of a left turn waiting to be made.

Why is only the left turn signal bold?

Bolding only the left turn sign improves readability and helps readers to identify it easily.