Friday 4 August 2023

RTO Ahmedabad: Driving License , Renewal & RTO Services


RTO (Road Transport Office) is a government organization responsible for the management of vehicle registration and driver's license. There are many RTOs in different areas of Rajasthan, and in this article, we will provide you a list of various services of Ahmedabad RTO. Apart from this, we will also provide answers to some useful questions related to Ahmedabad RTO in this article.

RTO Ahmedabad Driving License

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List of services

1. Vehicle Registration

  • Registration of the new vehicle
  • Registration of Redirect or Exchange Vehicle
  • Foreign Registration Vehicle Registration
  • Apply Online

2. Driving license

  • Apply for a new license
  • Renewal of license
  • License Duplicate/Loss/Correct
  • Apply Online

3. Transportation Tax

4. Change of Vehicle Name

  • owner name change
  • Change of name of the corporator or department
  • Change of Name in Sale or Transfer

Loss and Profit

Ahmedabad RTO provides an important service to all the citizens which makes vehicle and license-related procedures easy. Citizens can save time and hassle in various vehicle and license procedures by following a streamlined RTO process.

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In order to avail of this service, you need to carry the required documents and fill out the RTO application form. For vehicle registration, you need to submit the vehicle's sales documents, insurance proof, identity certificate, old registration certificate, and registration fee. For a driving license, you need to submit proof of identity, proof of address, a passport-size photograph, and an application fee.

Latest features and updates

Ahmedabad RTO has endeavored to facilitate vehicle and license services with the latest features and updates. Now citizens can apply online for services such as vehicle registration and driver's license. This gives the citizens an opportunity to save much time and hassle.


Ahmedabad RTO provides top-class and amazing facilities to make vehicle and license services easy. It aids citizens in vehicle and license-related procedures, helping them save time and hassle.