Saturday 23 December 2023

GJ20 RTO City Name - Address, Contact Number & E-mail


We welcome you and in this new article, we will talk about GJ20 RTO city name is ARTO ARTO Dahod Gujarat. If you need to get your vehicle registered or renewed, this name can be informative. In this article, we will provide you the process, Driving Services, and other important information about getting the GJ20 RTO city dahod name. Therefore, let's begin.

gj 20 rto city name

  • Name: GJ20  RTO City Name is Dahod-389001, Gujarat. 
  • AddressARTO Office, Dharbada Chockdi, Highway bypass, Dahod -389051. 
  • Contact  No: 02773 243200
  • E-mail Id  Email 

What is the city name of the RTO?

RTO city name is a special name issued by the Employment Authority of India (Dahod RTO). ARTO is used as a vehicle's registration number; from this, the proof of ownership of the vehicle is obtained. GJ20 RTO City Name is issued by different RTO offices in different cities ARTO Dahod  Gujarat  Its main purpose is to ensure a unified identification system that is applicable across the country.

Which city code is GJ-20?

ARTO Office, Dharbada Chockdi, Highway bypass, Dahod -389051.

The following services are provided at the GJ20 RTO office in Gujarat:
  • Vehicle Registration: The GJ20 RTO office provides you the service of registering new and old vehicles. It is suitable for buying a new vehicle in the city or registering an old vehicle with a new number.
  • Driving License: If you want to get a Driving License in Gujarat, the GJ20 RTO office will help you. You can get your license by passing the driving test here.
  • Vehicle Renewal: The GJ20 RTO office also provides you vehicle renewal service. This includes the review of vehicle prominence, vehicle numerical value, vehicle engine number, and other vehicle details.
  • Tax Payment: The GJ20 RTO office also provides the facility for vehicle tax payments. You can pay your vehicle tax regularly and get your vehicle renewed.
  • Functions of Transport Department: The GJ20 RTO office administers the functions of the Transport Department of Gujarat. It includes vehicle rules, enforcement of traffic rules, issuance of permission certificates, management of challans, and other related services.

Apart from the services given here, there may be other related services available at the GJ20 RTO office. You should contact the concerned official website for detailed information related to this office.

The process to Get RTO City Name

To get the GJ20  RTO city name you can follow the following procedure:
  • Log on to the official website: You have to visit the official website of your state or regional RTO and log in there.
  • Select Application: After logging in to the website, you need to select the application for the GJ20 RTO city name. You will have to fill out an application form providing all the necessary details.
  • Check Eligibility: After checking the details provided by you, RTO officials will have to check eligibility. They will review your documents and the condition of the vehicle.
  • Pay Name: If your eligibility is valid, you will need to pay Name. You can pay online or offline mode.
  • GET Details of Vahan: After your payment, you will get the GJ20 RTO city name from RTO officials. You can download it and use it with your car.