Thursday 28 December 2023

5 Steps to 'Change of Name (Form 7)' in Driving License Online in Gujarat

In today's digital Sarathi Parivahan RTO Gujarat, the convenience of online services has streamlined numerous bureaucratic processes, including the correction of details on essential documents like a driver's license. One such crucial aspect is rectifying errors or updating personal information on a driving license, particularly the name change. If you're in Gujarat and seeking to make alterations to your driving license, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process, fees, required documents, and steps for a smooth transition.

'Change of Name (Form 7)' in Driving License Online in Gujarat

Understanding Driving License Name Correction

Why Correct Your Name on a Driving License?

Your driving license serves as a primary form of identification. Any discrepancy, especially in your name, could lead to complications during various official transactions. Whether due to a spelling mistake, change in marital status, or any other reason necessitating a name change, rectifying it promptly is essential.

Online Method for Name Correction

In Gujarat, the process for driving license name correction can be initiated online through the Parivahan portal. This method offers convenience and efficiency, saving time and effort.

Direct Link: 'Change of Name (Form 7)' in Driving License Online in Gujarat

Steps to Correct Name on Driving License Online:

  • Visit the Parivahan Portal: Access the official Parivahan Sewa website.
  • Register/Login: Create an account or log in if you already have one.
  • Select Services: Choose the 'Driving License Related Services' option.
  • Fill in Form 7: Select 'Change of Name' (Form 7) and complete the necessary details.
  • Upload Documents: Submit required documents, such as identity proof, address proof, marriage certificate (if applicable), and the existing driving license.
  • Pay the Fees: The fee for Form 7 varies and can be paid online.
  • Submit Application: Review all details, submit the application, and note the application number for future reference.

Documents Required for Name Correction:

  1. Identity Proof (Aadhar Card, Passport, PAN Card, etc.)
  2. Address Proof (Utility bills, Aadhar Card, Passport, etc.)
  3. Existing Driving License
  4. Marriage Certificate (for name change after marriage)

Fees for Driving License Name Correction:

The fee structure for Form 7 (Change of Name) may vary, and it's advisable to check the current fees on the Parivahan portal before initiating the process.

Correcting Spelling Mistakes on a Driver's License:

For rectifying spelling mistakes, follow the same process as mentioned above for a name change. Select Form 7 and provide the necessary details, uploading documents that verify the correct spelling of your name.

Name Change after Marriage in Driving License:

If you're changing your name after marriage, submit your marriage certificate as proof along with other required documents.

Updating Driving License Online in Gujarat:

The online process via the Parivahan portal enables updating and correction of information on your driving license without visiting any regional transport office { RTO }.


Rectifying errors or updating details on your driving license, particularly the name change, is now more convenient and hassle-free with the online services provided by the Parivahan portal. Make sure to have all the necessary documents ready and follow the steps outlined above for a smooth and successful name correction process.

Remember, accuracy in your personal information on official documents is crucial. Utilize these online facilities to ensure your driving license reflects the correct information, providing a hassle-free experience in various official transactions.

Always stay informed and take advantage of the ease of online services for a smoother bureaucratic journey!