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Driving Licence Application Status: In this post today, we will teach you to Check The Status of your Driving Licence Number. So that you will be able to see whether your Driving License Status for active or not. Now if you want to learn this, then read our complete post till the end. As friends, you all know how important the Driving License has become for those above 18 years. If someone does not have his own driving license, then he cannot legitimately drive on the road. Now friends in such a situation, if you have not yet applied for Driving License, then apply for Driving License as soon as possible. Because in the coming time driving license can also be mandatory.

Check Driving Licence Number
Check Driving Licence Number

How to Check Driving Licence Number?

Step 1: Go to Direct Link to

Step 2: In Sarthi Parivahan Website >> Menu "Online Service"  >> "Know Your Licence Details"
driving licence number india
Driving Licence Number India
Step 3: The website will go after opening. Enter the Driving Licence Number here first. Then fill your date of birth and fill the verification code and select the check status option. As mentioned in the screenshot below -
 Driving Licence Number
 Driving Licence Number
Check Driving Licence Number
Check Driving Licence Number

Check Your Driving License Status Number Online in Sarthi Parivahan -

Friends, if you have your Driving License, you can check driving licence number status online using Sarthi Parivahan gov in the website. By checking the status of your Driving License online, you can see whether your Driving Licence Application Status is active or not. Checking the status of your driving license number online is very easy and any person can do this work very easily. To check the status of driving license online, you have to go to the official website of Parivahan Sewa.

Check Driving Licence Number Status At Home ~ How to Check Driving License Status

You can check the status of your driving license from home. You do not need an agent for this nor do you have to go round the RTO department. The entire history of the license will be in front of you on one click. So let us tell you how the status of driving license can be checked. Then after entering your Driving License Number, you will have to check the status of your Driving License Number online. So, friends, without wasting much of your time and money, we teach you to check the status of your Driving License online.

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Will be aware of Check driving licence number by name

  1. After this, you will see the option of Holders Name on the left side, where you will have to write your name.
  2. After this, the option of Date of Birth will be seen at the bottom, where you will have to write about your date of birth.
  3. After this, you will have to write about the state at the bottom. If you are from Uttar Pradesh, then write UP on the front.
  4. Similarly, if you belong to any state other than Uttar Pradesh, then write the name of your state.
  5. After this, move to the next option. As soon as you go to the next option, a full history of driving license will be played in front of you.

Will be aware of Check your validity of Driving Licence

  1. After the history is open, you will be able to see if your driving license is active or inactive.
  2. If activated, the current status will come in front of active writing. If it is inactive then it will be written inactive in front of the current status.
  3. Apart from this, you will also get to know easily about the validity of your license.
  4. The entire detail remains at the bottom. What is the validity of the license? When will it become invalid? All things are written.

In this way, you can easily find out about your driving license from home by applying online.

Note: Must have a Driving License Number
You can check the status of your driving license only when you remember your license number. If the number is not remembered, then the status of the driving license cannot be checked. Therefore, as soon as you open the website, the license number will be asked first.

Only after writing the driving license number will the second page open, on which you will have to write all other types of information. So it is important that you remember your license number. Or write it down somewhere. If you lose your driving license, you can easily check your status through its number.

To Check Driving Licence Number Status from Mobile App

You can also check the Driving Licence Number status in your Android mobile through the official application of the Transport Department. For this, you have to download an application named mParivahan. After that, just as you check online license details, you will get complete information in this application. You can download this app from here.

After downloading the mParivahan app, open it. RC & DL Status options will be found here. Select DL to see Driving License Status. Then you can get complete information by entering your driving license number.

m parivahan
mParivahan app

In this way, we can check driving license status through an online and mParivahan app mobile app sitting at home. In this post, we have tried to tell the complete information of how to check DL Check status. 
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