Wednesday 17 March 2021

Learning Licence slot booking AP | slot booking

Learning Licence slot booking AP: Dear Andhra Pradesh learning license slot reader, welcome to today's How to Book learning license slot in Andhra Pradesh? In this post, you must have known how important it is for everyone to have a learning license. Until the driving license is obtained, a learning license is very important for the driver. You have applied for a learning licence and booking a slot is very important. After booking the online slot by going to the website of ap transport, you are required to book the slot to pass the exams of learning license. Read these posts for how to book llr slot

Q: Is it necessary to book a learning license slot in ap transport?

Booking a slot in a learning licence is very important because the time, date, and time for the exams will be available to you through the Quki slot book. Which also saves your time. Whenever you are free, you choose the same date and time. For booking a learning license slot, you should choose the website. Ap transport slot booking availability is also checked by checking.

Learning Licence slot booking AP | slot booking
Learning Licence slot booking AP | slot booking

There Are the Following Option to Book LLR Slot Booking For AP

Option 1: First you click on the link!/index

Option 2: Now in the epragathi portal, you have to click on the License menu

Option 3: On clicking the License menu, you get a lot of menus like Aadhar Seeding, Aadhar Seeding Search, Driving License (DL), DL / LLR Slot Availability, DL Merge, Conductor License (CL), Learner's License (LLR), LLR Cancellation, LLR Correction, Walk-in LLR

Option 4: From the sub-menu shown above, you click on the LLR Slot Availability option.

Option 5: From a page of Available Slots Information, you will get your Service Type, District, and Select Test Center

Option 6: Press the Check Availability button