Monday 1 March 2021

How To Get a Driving Licence in Andhra Pradesh ~

Dear Andhra Pradesh reader, welcome to today's How can I get a driving license in Andhra Pradesh? In this post. You must have known how important it is for everyone to have a driver's license. Even today, many people are extremely upset with the process of getting the same old lines and time-consuming driving license. He does not want him to leave his job and study to get out to get a license to drive. Yes, why do this when sitting at home, even online driving applications can be applied?

LL is a Learning License and DL is a Driving License that allows you to drive a vehicle. Even though LL, it will be a learning license for the first few days, but will do the same thing that DL does not. If you want to drive, then you must have a DL (driving license). If you do not have a driving license and you are searching for your ap driving license, then this article can prove to be very important for you.

If you do not have an ap driving license, then Learning Driving License can give you relief for at least some time. A driving license is one of the most important and Valid Identity Proof recognized by the Government of India.

Driving Licence in Andhra Pradesh
Driving Licence in Andhra Pradesh

Not only this, but driving license is also proof for you that you have Andhra Pradesh driving license to drive the vehicle that you want to drive in the whole country. If you need to apply for a driving license, go to this https : //! / llrinstructions website and then you have to apply online for a learning licence

Read the points given below before applying for a driving license in ap

  • Applicant must have a valid Aadhar Card.
  • Applicants must be at least 16 years or older to apply for a motorcycle without a gear (MCWG) category vehicle.
  • To apply for a non-transport class vehicle, the applicant must be 18 years of age or older.
  • The applicant must be 20 years or older to apply for the transport class category of vehicles. Also, the applicant must have a valid non-transport category license of one year or longer.
  • If the applicant is under 18 years of age, consent/declaration by a parent or guardian is required.
  • If the applicant is over 50 years of age, he should upload the duly filled Form 1A (Medical Certificate).
  • To apply for a transport class vehicle, the applicant should upload the duly filled Form 1A (Medical Certificate), irrespective of age.
  • To apply LLR for a transport class vehicle, the educational qualification of the applicant should be 8th pass.
  • Applicant already has LLR / Driving License, there is no need to give computer LLR test.
  • The applicant will have to pay a fee to avail of any LLR service.
  • Applicants appearing for LLR for the first time must appear in the Computer LLR Exam.
  • If the applicant is differently-abled, he can only apply for the invalid carriage class of the vehicle and will have to upload a Driving Ability Certificate and a Disability ID Card / Certificate.
  • The applicant should be well aware of the traffic rules and regulations.
  • For uploading, the applicant must have a valid address proof document, if the current address is different from the permanent address.
  • The Light Motor Vehicle Non-Transport class includes driver-holding licenses to drive motor cars, auto-rickshaws, motor cabs, LGVs, tractor-trailers, road rollers, and LMVs, to drive a transport vehicle of such class without endorsement.

How can I get a driving Licence in Andhra Pradesh?

To create an online license, first, you have to proceed according to the points given below. Keep in mind if you do not have a driving license and you are applying Driving License Online for the first time, then apply for Learner License first. 
After you visit the website!/llrinstructions click on the CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR LEARNER LICENCE option. 

What are the fees for a driving Licence in Andhra Pradesh?

Apply for Online Learner Licence in you must pay fees for Driving Licence in Andhra Pradesh. Fees in the driving license are very low, you have to make payment online after applying online. If you do not know how much to pay online, then I have given the list below.

  • Issue of learner’s licence for the ap state in Form 3 for each class of vehicle when you add in your driving Licence - 150/-
  • Learner’s licence test fee or retest fees, as the case may be(If you fail in the learner's license test, then you have to give the result of the retest exam for the learner licence.) - 50/-
  • For Driving Licence test, or re-test, as the case may be, of competence to drive (for each class of vehicle if you fail when you drive vehicle test) - 300/-
  • Issue of a driving licence(Driving License Issue Fees ) - 200/-
  • Apply for International Driving License - 1000/-
  • Whenever you can Addition another class of vehicle to driving licence(After Add Class of the vehicle for whenever you can submission Learner's Licence Application before LL Test) - 500/-
  • Applying Driving License Endorsement or renewal of authorisation for vehicle carrying hazardous goods - 100/-
  • Renewal of driving licence in Ap (Whenever Expired to Your Driving Licence And Apply For Renew fees )-200/-
  • Renewal of a driving licence for which application is made after one year of the period. - 300/-(Late Fee at the rate of 1000/- for delay of each year so when you apply for renewing driving licence before the date of expired  )

More Information:

How much charges for a two-wheeler driving license in Andhra Pradesh?

When you apply for Online Two Wheeler Driving License in then Charges for a Two Wheeler Driving License Fees Approx 950/-(Issue of learner’s licence in Form 3, Issue of a driving licence, and Other Charges). if any query related to Two Wheeler Driving License in Andhara Pradesh then Comments into Below. check your ap driving licence status 

Documents required for driving license test in ap

If you want to apply for a driving license online, you can apply by going to Or you can download the driving license forms. But do you know what are the required documents when applying for an online license? If you do not know, then read the post on DL Information Documents. As you may also know, Driving License Agent charges a new license from all the vehicle owners as 1000 to 2000 rupees Fees. Now gone those days, you can apply online without any help from any brokers. But do you know what are the Drivers's License Requirements? Do you know how to complete the driving test after filling the online registration form, Driving Test Tips are adopted? A fee of up to Rs 200 is charged for the learning license and Rs 400 to 500 for the final DL. is. Do you know how many days you get the Driving License Number? Many such questions will be going on in your mind to make Driving License Online, which can be solved by today's post. In order to succeed in the driving test, on applying online, 10 very simple questions are asked, which you have to answer. learning licence test slot booking andhra pradesh

Driving License Online Application Required Documents.

We have published an article earlier about the necessary documents for creating an online Driver's License, which you can know from the points given below. To know the required documents, you can get the information by clicking on the link.

Ministry of Road Transport & Highways on Sarathi portal (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India has given the option of 30 states to get online driving license means that 30 people of India can apply for online dl.

How many days it will take to get driving Licence after test in AP?

If you have passed the exam of your driving license test, then it is very important for you to know that after passing the exam, how many days the driving license comes to you. Your driving license comes to your address within 15 to 20 days. You have complete information about driving license from check ap driving license status how to Check Driving License Status for Andhra Pradesh?

How can I get a duplicate driver's license in Andhra Pradesh?

The drivers of Andhra Pradesh are also required to know what to do if their driving license is lost or stolen. If your driving license is lost or stolen, then you go to and apply online for a duplicate driving license. there is the following link use for applying for Duplicate Driver's License in Andhara Pradesh State.!/llrinstructions

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How do I renew my driving Licence in Andhra Pradesh?

If your driving license has expired then you must renew your driving as you must not drive an expired driving license. into following steps to renew the Driving licence in AP. There are easy steps to renew your Driving Licence because!/llrinstructions website provided the facility to renew driving licence but In Andhra Pradesh State Renew Facility Provided By own Transport Portal. 

How To Apply For Driving Licence Renewal Andhra Pradesh?

If the validity of your driving license is over, then you have to get your driving license renewed. Know how you will be driving your license. For driving license Renu, you have to go to the website and then you will have to fill in your driving license details.

How to check an online driving licence in ap?

If you want to check the status of your driving license in ap, then you go to the website and check the status of both your driving license and Learning Licence, then you can check the status of the driving license by visiting this website.

How to Download Learning Licence Online Andhra Pradesh?

If you want to Download Learning Licence online in Andhra Pradesh State, then you go to the website!/llrinstructions and check the status of both your Learning license, then you can Download Learning Licence online by visiting this website.

How to book slot for learning licence Andhra Pradesh?

If you want to book a slot of learning license, then you can book the slot very easily, for this you need to go to!/llrinstructions website after licensing >> DL / LLR Slot Availability After leaving this option, you are able to book a slot of learning license.