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GJ38 RTO City Name - Address, Contact Number & E-mail


The State Transport Regulatory Authority (Regional Transport Office - RTO Balva) is important for drivers and transport businessmen as per the Indian Constitution. This organization manages the registration of vehicles, driving licenses, tax, and other certificates related to the vehicle. In this article, we will discuss the name of the "GJ-38" RTO.

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"GJ38" RTO City Name is Balva Dholka Road, Gujarat

gj38 rto

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What is "GJ38" RTO?

The name "gj38" RTO refers to a vehicle registration office where renewal, registration, and other vehicle-related services are provided to vehicles. The name "GJ38" identifies the vehicle associations that operate under that particular Balva RTO location.

It can be an abbreviation used to denote the name of an urban area or a particular state. Every state and territory has its own RTO code (GJ38)which is used in conjunction with its name. Such codes are used in the vehicle registration process and are used to identify vehicles between different regions and states.


In this article, we have discussed the name of "GJ38" Balva RTO. This name is used to identify the Vehicle Registration Offices and helps them to identify vehicles between different regions and states.

Address And Contact Details :

R83P+VV3, Bavla - Dholka Road, Badrinath Society, Bavla, Gujarat 382220

Contact Number: 07923251367

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