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Bilateral Motion Indicator: The Two-Way Traffic Sign


Traffic signs are very important to delineate, and they are considered essential to follow the rules of the traffic. There are different types of traffic signs, one of the main ones being the "two-way traffic sign." In this article, we will learn in detail about this sign and understand its importance.

Two Way Traffic Sing

Two-Way Traffic Signal: An Introduction

A two-way traffic sign is a traffic sign that controls traffic on either side of a road. This means that according to the rules of this sign, vehicles can be coming or going from both directions. This is an important signal which is very important to follow the traffic rules and ensure road safety.

Types Of Two-Way Traffic Signs

Two-way traffic signs can be of several types. Following are some of the major types:

1. Two-way traffic signal for intersection

These signs are found at intersections and are used to enforce traffic rules and provide a safe way of passage. According to the rules of this sign, vehicles can come from either side, but here they have to take care to keep the traffic orderly.

2. Two-way traffic signal for the bridge

These signs are found on bridges and are used to guide traffic to safely cross the bridge. Through these signs, the rules of operating the traffic are followed, and efforts are made to show the vehicles in the proper direction.

Significance Of Two-Way Traffic Sign

The two-way traffic sign has an important contribution to road safety. It helps the vehicles to drive in an orderly manner and follow the traffic rules. Some of the important reasons are as follows:

  • Ensuring Safe Roads: Traffic signs indicate to vehicles in which direction to go and which direction not to go. This ensures smooth movement between vehicles and reduces the number of associations.
  • Controlling Traffic: Two-way traffic signals help vehicles to operate properly. They play an important role in regulating traffic and adjusting the speed of vehicles.
  • Improving Road Safety: Road safety can be improved by using two-way traffic signals. These allow vehicles to be shown correctly and reduce the number of road associations.


Two-way traffic signs are vital components of road safety. Their correct use helps in keeping the traffic safe and gives orders to follow the traffic rules. It's a reminder to drivers that staying safe on the road should be our foremost goal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a Two Way Traffic Sign?

A two-way traffic sign is a traffic sign that controls traffic on both sides of the road. As per its rules, vehicles can be coming or going from either direction.

2. What is the importance of a two-way traffic sign?

Two-way traffic sign makes a significant contribution to road safety. It shows vehicles in the right direction and helps in streamlining the traffic.

3. What are the different types of two-way traffic signals?

Two-way traffic signs can be of many types, such as traffic signs for intersections and traffic signs for bridges.

4. Why are traffic signs used?

Traffic signs are used to obey traffic rules and ensure road safety. These signs guide vehicles in the right way and keep traffic orderly.

5. Are the traffic signs important in road safety?

Yes, traffic signs contribute significantly to road safety. Their use can reduce the number of associations occurring on the roads and keep vehicles safe.

In this article, we talked about "two-way traffic signs." We have seen that the correct use of these signs plays a vital role in ensuring road safety and keeping the traffic orderly. In addition, we have also answered some frequently asked questions. Giving importance to road safety, we all people