Tuesday 24 November 2020

[Passed Tricks]~ RTO Computer Test Online Exam

Friends, in today's post, I will give you complete information about how RTO Computer exams can be given online in Gujarati before we understand why RTO exams should be given. Friends, did you know that it is very important to pass the RTO online exam before getting a learning license? There are 15 questions asked in the RTO exam out of which 13 questions have to be answered correctly and you failed the Learners license exam. So in today's post, I want to give you complete information about how to teach RTO computer tests in the Gujarati language online in today post.no only the surat RTO computer mock test is available for the online mock test but Gujarat All RTO office Computer Mock Test Available.

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The RTO computer test asks questions determined by RTO such as traffic policy rules and traffic signals are asked in RTO online computer exam but did you know that by going to Sarathi Transport website you can enter your application number and complete the questions in the exam. Information is available on the Transportation website. You can give the RTO Computer Test Exam in every language like Gujarati, Hindi, English. Passing the RTO Computer Exam Test is very important. After failing the RTO Computer Test, you can retest the exam again. Re-fill the online retest for free. The RTO Computer Test can be given in the Gujarati language as well as what questions are asked in today's post. But I want to give you step by step complete information about how to pass online exams and computer tests in the Gujarati Language. you are no need for any RTO exam app in Gujarati for pc or Mobile phone. in the state for Gujarat to exam software free download in sarathi parivahan gov in.

  • Goto https://sarathi.parivahan.gov.in/
  • Then after Select Your State Like Gujarat, Goa, Delhi and So on State
  • In the Learner Licence Menu >> Select Mock Test For LL
  • Enter Your Your Personal Details Like Applicant Name, Dob and Select Your Langues for Preference your computer mock test exam like Gujarati, Hindi and etc
  • Now Starting Your Exam
  • Best of Luck

There are the Following ScreenShot To Self Computer Mock Test Online Exam

First Select Gujarat Or Other Your State for Computer Test

In Learner Licence Menu >> Select Mock Test For LL

Enter Your Personal Information And Select Language Like Gujarati, Hindi or Etc

Start Exam With Different Question Like Exam on Real-Time LL Computer Test

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How to Book Learner Licence Appointment Online?

Learner Licence Before taking the online exam, you have to make an online appointment for the computer test on the Sarathi Parivahan Gov In website. In the apartment, you have to decide the date, time, and date. You have to take the computer online exam on the same day as the date and time. Click on the link below for complete information on how to take it.

Which of Document of Require For Computer Test Exam?

Before going to the computer exam, you need to bring with you the required documents such as an Aadhaar card, election card, birth certificate, Form 1 or Form 1A along with the RTO Exam Appointment Letter. 

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